Heart Breakfast 11th-15th June

Find out what James and Charlie got up to the week of the 11th to the 15th of June!

Friday 15th June

We learnt what an Onkyo is

Fathers Day on Sunday and James wanted to let his kids know what he wanted for the big day…

What James wants for Fathers Day

And we bet your Dad will be doing a bit of  this

We learnt Charlie’s rabbit was right

After hearing about all the football match-predicting animals like llamas and a polish ferret. Charlie thought she’d jump on the band wagon with her pet rabbit Simba
She put it to the test and got it to predict the bit match last night – Spain v Ireland 

And it was correct – Spain won 4 – 0… but is it just Rabbits? Producer Matt wants to put his parents cats to the test…find out next week how they get on.

And we learnt Gary Barlow was in Heartbeat

Producer Matt told James and Charlie something about Gary Barlow which they never knew! He appeared in The TV show – Heartbeat. And here is the proof…well done Gary!


Thursday 14th June

We learnt who Simba supports  

Yesterday we heard about the football match-predicting llama – just one of a number of psychic animals that also includes a racoon and a ferret from Poland.
What is it with all these predicting animals though?
Charlie said it was silly and that her Rabbit Simba is psychic  - and wanted to prove it…so here's what she did for the Euro 2012 football match today that's Spain v Ireland

Is it a predictive pet or not?

We learnt that the world’s longest animal marriage has ended

Sad news. A pair of zoo tortoises who have been partners for 115 years have sadly broken up - marking the end of what could be the world's longest animal 'marriage'.

Long-time partners Bibi and Poldi, both giant tortoises aged 115, have been together since just after their births. But zoo workers at the Reptilienzoo Happ in Austria have had to separate them after female Bibi started attacking mate Poldi. and even bit off a part of his shell.

'We get the feeling they can't stand the sight of each other anymore,' said Zoo boss Helga Happ.

The zoo even tried bringing in experts to try and save the union.

And we learnt that it's official: the sun is shinning all over Kent

It was sunny here at Heart HQ during the morning – we wanted to check if the rest of Kent had it too…

It's Sunny in Kent!

Have a great day – enjoy the sun and James and Charlie are back 6am tomorrow.

Wednesday 13th June

We learnt that lots of you have phone face

Charlie told us about dropping her iPhone on her  face while checking Facebook in bed - and she wasn't alone. Apparently lots of you have done this! Watch out - no one wants to get phone face!

We learnt Charlie thinks she has a predictive pet

James and Charlie had to mention the football match-predicting llama who has form guessing the winners of big football matches and believes England will be crowned Euro 2012 champions!
Nicholas the llama started his run of correct predictions by guessing who would win the FA Cup final last month. He continued by rightly guessing that Chelsea would win the Champions League.
There’s apparently also a racoon and a ferret in Poland who predict results! Charlie thinks this is silly – any one could have a predicting pet! She thinks her rabbit Simba is, so James wants her to prove this… find out tomorrow on the show if Charlie really does have a predictive pet!

And we learnt that there’s a tambourine playing chicken

This is amazing -  check out the new band out there which includes 6 cats and a chicken  - it's all part of Claire's Weird News today! #brilliantbutweird


Tuesday 12th June

We learnt that there’s a horse with socks on

This morning James and Charlie chatted to the guy who’s most famous for playing Sergeant Jones in the Police Academy films  - Michael Winslow! He's touring Kent next week - he'll be at the Gulbenkian, Canterbury this Monday and in Tunbridge Wells at the Assembly Halls next Sunday.

Have a listen to him telling a very unique story!

We learnt that Charlie was out for a duck

What's with this weather? Middle of June and the rain is coming down bucket loads  - but it is great weather for ducks! On her way to work this morning Charlie spotted a duck on the road – it was just waddling along - she felt like it was lost. She came in and told James about it… and kept going on and on... So to put her mind at rest, to see if it was ok, she popped out during the show to check!

Charlie goes Duck hunting...

And we learnt another use for tomatoes

Forget fancy lotions, potions and treatments. The humble tomato is nature’s secret anti-ageing weapon, according to new research. James thinks that's why he looks so beautifully young. He has at least two tomatoes a day! Leanne then called and said if you rub tomatoes on your skin if you get sunburnt – it helps it heal! So your tomatoes aren't just for the salad bowl! 


Monday 11th June

We learnt what the Who’s On Heart big announcement was

This was  amazing, From 10am today, whoever guesses a second celebrity correctly on Who's on Heart, we'll put their cash prize up to £20,000!
There's still £60,000 for all three correct names.
And as we know, Tina Turner's already been guessed - She's the one saying "who's".
So we can can confirm that you're looking for one man saying "on" and a woman saying "Heart".
There's also now a little hint here as well as all the incorrect answers
Good luck!

We learnt that there’s a video of what Charlie did on Friday night

On Friday Charlie appeared on stage in the hit musical Legally Blonde, alongside Ray Quinn – watch how she got on here!

And we learnt all about the scream body

We think every office and home should have one – James and Charlie found this, a thing called the Scream Body!

It's an amazing idea.