Heart Breakfast 16th-20th July

Find out what happened on Heart Breakfast from the 16th to the 20th of July.

Friday 20th July

We learnt that people like patriotic paint

Julia gave us a call to tell us she is running with the Olympic Torch today in Sevenoaks, just before it leaves Kent!

And to get in the spirit, she had her nails painted all special...

Julia's Torch Running Nails

Good luck Julia!!

We learnt that Paul is going to Paris

This morning we gave Paul a weekend in Paris thanks to Sky and British Eurosport. All he had to do was guess where James & Claire were in their "Tour-de-Kent"...

The competition has closed, but would you have got it right?


And we learnt that there are pictures of people from a plane… well, a helicopter

The Olympic Torch Relay has been in Kent longer than any other county, and you have been loving it!

Yesterday it went through Canterbury, and James decided he needed to take a fresh look at it... from a helicopter!!

All the photos are at facebook.com/heartkent


Thursday 19th July

We learnt that we need to drink more water

Claire Lawson, in for Charlie til the end of the week, has been worrying about her wrinkles - so much so she has decided to do a Posh Spice and not smile ever again!!

She has spent a fortune on face creams and lotions but they don't seem to be helping, so she asked you guys for your cheap anti-aging techniques...

Your anti-aging tips!

We learnt that Emma's going to be running downhill

Emma gave us a call to tell us she is running with the Olympic Torch today! And she has a great leg for it...

Emma the Torch Bearer...

Keep up-to-date with the Olympic Torch Relay with all the latest pictures and a street-by-street guide right here!

And we learnt that James will get arrested if he goes around hugging strangers

This was Claire's Weird News - today about a hugging lady in the States!

James would like to do a similar thing, but thinks he might get arrested if he does!

Find out what it's all about at the Weird News pages here.


Wednesday 18th July

With Claire Lawson while Charlie's on holiday!

We learnt that Quavers have the flavour!

Last week, Team GB came to us and asked us to help them create the OFFICIAL Team GB chant for the Olympic Games!

We have been having a go - this was today's effort:

It's Team GB - come on, sing with me!
Let's have a cup of tea and a hot dog,
We'll have it in a bun,
We're watching sports and wearing shorts,
Look at my legs,
Have a pack of Quavers - they got the flavour!
Ooooooooh Teab GB!!

Think you can do better? Give us your suggestions here!

We learnt that 80's films are in!

James and Claire were reminiscing about the films they want their kids to watch - not cartoons, but real proper films!

You got in touch to give us some suggestions:

The Goonies
Ghost Busters
Water Babies
Flight of the Navigator
Adventures in Babysitting
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Pete's Dragon
Little Rascals

Just some ideas for the school holidays perhaps?

And we learnt that Shell suits are back!

The Olympic Torch is in Kent today and you mustn't miss it! All the runners in their Shell Suits!!

Follow it every step of the way right here - the latest photos and a street by street guid to the Olympic Torch Relay!

Tuesday 17th July

We learnt that Animals in office are the future

Claire's Weird News today was about a cat... who is the mayor of a town!

Find out all about it, and all the other weird news stories, here!

We learnt that Charlie's stuff fits in a tiny bag

Charlie is off on holiday tomorrow, but she has only got a booking for hand luggage! So James decided to help Charlie with her packing "man" style.

It went a bit like this:

Charlie's Hand Luggage Horror!

And we learnt that 300 meters is more tiring than you think!!

The Olympic Torch comes to Kent today! Torch runner, Rob Waite, came in to talk torches and have a quick practice around the Heart car park...

See how he got on:

And you can follow the torch with our street-by-street guide here!


Monday 16th July

We learnt that we don't know what you've been told… but team GB are going for Gold…

Exciting news this morning - Team GB came to us last week and asked us to help them create the OFFICIAL Team GB Chant for the Olympic games!

We're looking for your suggestions at facebook.com/heartkent... We came up with this - Can you do better? Head to facebook and let us know!

We don't know...

We learnt that Charlie's fella likes extra chilli in his naan… 'cause he is a man!!

Charlie was telling us this morning that her boyfriend was trying to look like a tough guy in front of his friend - they went for a curry and he ordered everything with extra chilli!

A Tikka Masala... extra chilli. A garlic and coriander na'an... extra chilli.

The problem is, he doesn't like hot stuff!!

And we learnt that it becomes a very different song when you can't get off your horse…

Today's Hot Sausage and Mustard tripped you guys up! Lots of you just guessed one of the missing words... and that makes for a VERY different song!

Have a listen and see if you can figure it out here.