Heart Breakfast 21st-25th of May

Find out what James and Charlie got up to on the week of the 21st-25th of May!

What we learnt on the show...

Friday 25th May

We learnt that there’s a support bandage for James’ Chins

This was the top weird news story from Claire Miller this morning – read all about it and all the other stories at Claire's Weird News page – and you need to if you are planning time on your sun lounger this weekend!
We learnt that they speak English in New York

Who's On Heart is back from 10 this morning with your chance to win £60,000... but if you did win that amount of money, what would you spend it on? Maybe a nice holiday with a load of your mates? Producer Matt called Sevenoaks Travel to find out how many mates he could take with him – but in the call he tried to get as many song titles as possible into the conversation. Have a listen… how many can you count?

Matt tries to book a holiday...

Answer is below!
And we learnt that you can have lots of fun with a wig

Yep – James and Charlie are very excited about Heart's Celebration of Disco which is happening all this weekend on Heart… look at them – they just can't wait! It's going to sound so good in the sun this weekend. Enjoy!

A very excited James & Charlie

Producer Matt – got 13 song titles into his call to Sevenoaks travel by the way… here they are

Matt's travel agent call - the answers!

James and Charlie are off on their holidays next week, they're back on Wednesday 6th June – so Neil Kefford will be on Heart Breakfast Monday from 6! Have a great weekend in the sun.

Thursday 24th May

We learnt that Lawson got their name from Claire Lawson

There's a great new group – their single When She Was Mine is out on Sunday and this morning they chatted to James and Charlie…and Claire Lawson from Weekends here at heart. Have a listen to the full interview here.
We learnt about Mambo Number 2012

James and Charlie's 2012 Challenge, find out about it all here.
Earlier in the week James and Charlie ended up randomly singing some of the list and got calls from people who could help them… the power of song must work! So James and Charlie went away and wrote and performed this – it's Mambo Number 2012!
Mambo Number 2012

And we learnt that this weekend it’s just James, Mummy ,Daddy and the Dog

When back at your parents house its ok to…
Now you’re an adult and you go back home to visit your parents you end up doing stuff youwouldn’t do at a friends house of anything
James is off on holiday next week – and he's going back to his mum and dads on my own, without the wife or kids
But when he's back  he said he'll answer their phone – but not just answer it, I answer how they do it and as I did when I was a kid – with the number!
You got in touch with some others - When back at your parents house its ok to…

Raid the fridge
Take stamps
Use your Dad’s printer
Wash your car car - to save water
Drop your kids off
Get annoyed when parents are going out when you want sunday dinner - they should just be there!

Wednesday 23rd May

Yesterday on the show Charlie was woken up by something in the sky at 3 in the morning – lots of you got in touch saying you think it was a spy drone over her flats...
Well, James, Charlie and Producer Matt did some research and found out 3 fascinating facts about espionage and spying – but only one of them is true. We asked you tell us which one!

Here they are:

We learnt that there isn’t an underwater bunker in Ramsgate

Charlie's  'fact' was that Ramsgate harbour is  home to an underwater bunker that is still in use by the MOD today. She even said they have to test it every 6 months so water doesn't come through.

This isn't true… but everyone thought it was!

We learnt that you can’t record onto cellotape

This is completely untrue – Producer Matt claimed that back when we had cassette tapes, M15 agents were taught and were able to record audio onto Cellotape!
And we learnt you can get a takeaway delivered by a spy helicopter

This was James' and no one believed him… but it is true!

Unmanned Drone Helicopters will deliver you tacos - an unmanned drone helicopter can shoot a taco from the sky down at you and your colleagues during lunchtime!

You order tacos on your smartphone and beam in your GPS location information. Your order -- and your location -- are transmitted to an unmanned drone helicopter (which stay near the kitchen where the tacos are made), and the tacocopter is then sent out with your food to find you and deliver your tacos to wherever you're standing.

You pay online, so the tacos are simply dropped off at your feet by the drone helicopter.

Put down your phones though... The launch of "Tacocopter" - which is totally real, and has been around since July last year - is being blocked by the U.S. government!

"Current U.S. FAA regulations prevent ... using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, like drones for commercial purposes at the moment,"  Said the inventor...

Tuesday 22nd May

We learnt that something’s been bugging James

We're hoping The sun will be out later today so James came into work wearing his new summer shirt… which has bugs on it!

James' Bug Shirt

We wanted to know if Animals on clothes is right or wrong?

James thinks they're right because it's trendy and looks cool. Charlie, on the other hand, says she thinks they are just wrong after her Dad got some t-shirts with a big wolf and one with a kingfisher on – her and her brothers didn't want to be seen out with him wearing them!

A lot of you said they are only right if you are 5 years old!

We learnt why Charlie was hanging out her window

Charlie was woken at 3.20am by the the LOUDEST aircraft noise – she said it was like something was taking off in her flat! But, always thinking of the show, she got out of her bed in her nighty and was hanging out of the window recording the noise on her phone!
We had no idea what it was - very UNLIKE a helicopter... Extra terrestrial perhaps?

Julie thought it was a road sweeper – no, it was in the sky!
8 year old Drew said it was Huricanne Harrier plane
But we think Brian was right when he called in to say it sounded like an air ship…

What do you think it was?

What IS that noise??

And we learnt that our euro hot sausage today was a Cumberland

All this week, Hot Sausage and Mustard has a euro flavour, as we get ready for the Eurovision Song Contest happening at the weekend! We had a bit of the 1976 winners today - have a listen and see who is on the Euro Hot Sausage HERE – more tomorrow from 6.25!

Monday 21st May

We learnt that 152 is the magic number

What time does your alarm go off? On Charlie’s smartphone she has every alarm she’s ever set on it!
James put a video on facebook and  asked how many alarm settings you think Charlie has on her phone! There was an amazing 152!! Crazy.
As it was Monday morning, it got James and Charlie thinking we’d like to know who has the most alarm clocks in Kent – that have to go off until you get up… Jane in Tunbridge Wells has 3; two in her room and one outside – but Angela in Iwade beat it with 5, all clock radios with Heart waking everyone in the house up! Nice one.
We learnt that you can get a 1 pound fish down the queens market

A fish seller in East London who sings to draw in customers has become a hit with this video:

Muhammad Shahid Nazir works on a fish stall in Queen’s Market, near to the Olympic Stadium... and now has more than 1m views of the video. He sings, “Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound fish… Have a have a look, one pound fish.” He is now in talks with a record label! James and Charlie thought this was crazy so when on to sing a song about countries they still need for their 2012 Challenge!

2012 Challenge Song

Stick to playing the songs guys!!

And we learnt about the Papple

By the end of the week you could have a new fruit in your lunch-box, as a new fruit is set to be launched in the UK this week. The so-called 'papple' looks and tastes like an apple but has the texture and skin of a pear, and belongs to the pear family. The fruit is referred to as T109, with an official name still to be decided. It is grown in New Zealand, and is reportedly a mixture of European and Asian varieties of pear, leading to a fruit similar to an apple.