Heart Breakfast 25th-29th of June

Find out what James and Charlie got up to the week of the 25th-29th of June!

Here's what we learnt on the show...

Friday 29th June

We learnt that James looks like a gnome

Well done to Spain and Italy getting to the Euro 2012 Final on Sunday – want to know who will win? (saves 90 minutes watching it!) Check out James and Charlie's Predicting… meerkats!

(Look out for James – all he's missing is a beard and a fishing rod!)

Will they be right?

We learnt that there’s 50 shades of strawberries

James had another installment of his Fruity Shades of Grey….

Lots of texts saying people are going to buy the book 50 Shades of Grey after hearing James' versions – enjoy!

And we learnt that you can’t play rock paper scissors on the radio

Was it a radio first this morning? – not playing George Michael's new single White Light - but when James, Charlie and newsreader Claire played rock, paper, scissors on the radio… this was all because there is a robot that can predict what sign you are going to do! It was all part of today's Claire's Weird News.

Thursday 28th June

We learnt that you need to Use My Face

With only 29 days until the Olympics start, James and Charlie really need your help – they have now got masks which you can download and, to encourage you to do this, they've come up with this little number…


We learnt that the Ant was absolutely right

It's a hat trick! All 3 of our predicting pets have predicted the result of their Euro 2012 games correctly, including Adam The Ant who said that Spain would win last night! But it has to be all about Benson The Cat – as we found out he made the Nationals and got onto the Telegraph website. Watch out Uggie the dog… get that cat an agent!

And we learnt what’s in the Andy Murray Curry

Andy Murray plays at Wimbledon today, and to celebrate,  James and Charlie have managed to get a restaurant in Kent to create and sell an Andy Murray Curry! We spoke to the chef who created it and he's also made a Facebook page for it… check that out here. And if you go down to Kinara in East Malling, let us know what it tastes like!

The Andy Murray Curry

Wednesday 27th June

We learnt that James has a pet ant

Ok, England maybe out, but there are still Euro 2012 Games being played and that means we can have more Predicting Pets! Charlie had her rabbit, Producer Matt had his cat, but James doesn’t have a pet… well that's what we thought! Apparently he does and his name is Adam...

Has he predicted right?

We learnt that there’s going to be a rush on pomegranate

This was so popular yesterday, James had to do you another Fruity Shades of Grey – taking the big book of the moment, "50 Shades Of Grey" and replacing certain words with a fruit!

And we learnt that you won’t be able to get hold of 82% of Kent when they’re on holiday

Producer Matt was back from his holiday today – but James and Charlie found out something which he didn't take with him… no it wasn't his passport, or his money… it was his Phone! He didn't take his Phone with him – out of choice – James and Charlie couldn't believe this! So they asked what your thoughts were…

Would you take your phone on holiday?


Tuesday 26th June

We learnt that James looks like Kevin Bacon – Charlie looks like an aunt at a wedding…

Have you seen the Facejuggler app? It takes your faces and swaps them about!

James and Charlie gave it a go, with some disturbing results!

James & Charlie Face Juggled

We learnt that it's a time for winning here on Heart…

Oh yes! Yesterday, Caroline Frewing won £20,000 by guessing the second secret celebrity in Who's On Heart, and this morning Claire won £1000 in the thousand pound minute!!

It's all about the winning here - could you be next? There's still £60,000 to be won. Check your guesses here!

And we learnt that James' Kiwi are tender...

After you told Charlie to read "50 Shades Of Grey" yesterday, James couldn't resist and had a read himself!

He loved it so much, he decided to read some of his favourite parts out - he had to replace the naughty bits though. Have a listen...

Monday 25th June

We learnt how to look like us…

This is the new way to get involved with James & Charlie's 2012 Challenge: The James & Charlie Masks!

Simply print one out and put it on your face, stand next to someone from one of the countries we still need and send us that picture!

Find out all about it here!

We learnt that Charlie has a new holiday book (if James gives it back!)…

Charlie has been given a book to read by her friend... it's called "50 Shades of Grey" - and she wanted to know if she should read it.

This is what you guys thought:

Should Charlie read "50 Shades of Grey"?

And we learnt that you can now search the Who's On Heart database at heart.co.uk…

Do you think you know Who's On Heart? See if they have already been guessed here!

All you have to do is type in your guess and we will tell you if that person has been guessed before!