Heart Breakfast's Archbishop Disco

The new Archbishop of Canterbury is being enthroned, and we reckon he will want a party.

Every party needs a good disco, and who better to DJ such a soiree, than two actual real DJs? Don't answer that. That was rhetorical.

It will be a star studded party, with members of royalty, the church, high society and the media all in attendance.

James and Charlie have kindly offered up their services as the ultimate party DJ duo, but wanted your help to figure out what sort of music is appropriate for an Archbishop's disco.

Here were some of your suggestions:

Sam Andrew Angels x
Sarah Oakes Heaven 17, Temptation?!
Karen Simpson Church Of The Poisoned Mind by Culture Club
Faye Chadwick Stairway to heaven
Lisa Barnes I'm a believer - the monkies
Fiona Baker God is a DJ - Faithless

And if you can't be at the party yourself, here is a little look at what it might be like: