James and Becky's BIG BITS of last year

We’re looking back at the big bits from last years Breakfast – what a year its been!

We thought we'd recap the best of what's been and gone on Breakfast.

Back in January – was when it all began… 

January – Becky started!

Becky Ives

February – Producer Matt Watches 50 Shades with his Mum

March – James & Becky's Eclipse-o Party

 Eclipse-O Band

April -  James & Becky's Experiments 

May  - Royal Flush 

Royal Baby Predictions

June – Umbrella Shoes

July  -  James & Becky's Selfie – A – Z

 James &  Becky A - Z Selfie M

August  - Oh Water Surprise

September – James and His TV Look-Alike

October  - James Birthday Surprise

November – Becky's Singagram 

December  - James & Becky Panto Crashers