James & Becky's App Week

Find out the latest apps James & Becky are using during App Week!

To celebrate Tech Week on Heart's 100 Happy Days, each day James and Becky will be picking their favourite apps!



James has chosen 'Parkopedia' - A great app that helps you park in busy areas!



Becky's opted for something completely different - 'Healthy Selfie'! This app allows you to keep track of your fitness progress by taking selfles! 

Healthy Selfie



This time, James has gone for something slightly health-based… We can't believe it either! Here's 'Instant Heart Rate'.
Heart Rate App


This time Becky's gone with a game - 'Heads Up'! It's a bit like 'Who Am I' or other variations of the classic party game, but it's done with your phone instead!

Heads Up App



For Thursday, James and Becky chose 'Glow Lamp'! It's a great app, just choose the colours and speed you want on your phone screen, take a full bottle of water and place it on your iPhone/iPad, turn the lights out… And your have your very own magical Glow Lamp!
Glow Lamp App


For the final day of App Week, James and Becky decided to go with something topical… Something Royal…. Something that involves Prince Charles jumping over phone boxes whilst carrying the new Royal baby… It's 'Royal Baby Run!' With this hilarious new game, you can select from various members of the Royal Family to safely carry the new Royal Baby through London!

Royal Baby Run


As well as these cool Apps, remember to download the Heart app too! You can take Heart with you wherever you go, find out more HERE!