World Cup Cakes

To celebrate the World Cup, James and Charlie did the World Cup Cakes - it's anything but sweet though!

The pair are undertaking challenges every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the World Cup. Each week's loser then has to do a cupcake-based forfeit on the Thursday.

In the final week, Charlie had to do the forfeit! She was chained up and it was mucky. Have a watch!


The third week meant a third forfeit for James. 'Cause he is rubbish at challenges apparently! This time, he had to put on some wellies. Sounds like nothing, right?


James lost again after a tie break situation in week two and had to play Cupcake Roulette...with a pink shower cap on!

In the first week, James lost all three challenges. His forfeit - to eat three cupcakes, each with unique ingredients from around the world!

His face was a picture: