Should Sleeping Be A Sport?

Heart Kent - Sleep Olympics


Can James & Becky make sleeping an Olympic sport?

English Heritage are pushing a petition to make Jousting an Olympic sport. Saying 'the modern jouster possesses many of the same skills as the Olympic hopefuls heading to Rio'.

Which got us thinking... What else should be in the Olympics? We took a lot of great suggestions including 'Quickest Self Service Check Out Operator', 'Most Efficient Queuer' and 'Fastest Duvet Changer'. 

One thing lead to another and we landed on Sleeping as our contender for the next Olympic sport. We believe the nations sleepers also possess 'many of the same skills as the Olympic hopefuls heading to Rio'.  

Richard from HomePlus Furniture gave us a call to offer their services! 

So that was the beds sorted! But then we just needed a location. 

That's it so far.... Stay tuned for the latest updates!