10 House Cleaning Jobs You Only Need To Do Once A Year


According to The Good Housekeeping Institute, the holy grail when it comes to running a neat and well ordered home, these are the jobs you can relegate to doing every 12 months and don't need to do them any more often than that.

These savvy life hacks may only be a one-a-year job but they'll add that extra something to your home. 

1. Wipe down window frames

Use a brush to sweep off dirt around the frame, then use a solution of washing-up liquid or a multi-purpose spray cleaner to remove stubborn grime.

2. Purge your kitchen drawer 

If you’re like us, this is the place where unclaimed items get stashed when there’s nowhere else to put them. Tip it all out and reevaluate what you’ve collected, then decide what you don’t need any more. Be ruthless. 


3. Wipe your lightbulbs

The ones in the kitchen and the bathroom can get greasy and dusty and they then don't give out as much light. Give them the once over with a slightly damp cloth but first switch off and unscrew.  

Lightbulb boy


4. Wash your curtains 

Many curtains are machine washable and can be hung vertically to dry without the need for ironing curtain fabric collects so much dust over the year and this is what you're breathing in. 

5. Blitz the fireplace

If you've got a real fire then before you set the first fire of the season, you need to call in the pros to give the chimney a sweep, otherwise all the soot lurking in the chimney could fall in and cover your room the first time you light the fire. Find a sweep at nacs.org.uk.


6. Deep clean upholstered furniture

Hoover thoroughly and/or wash or dry clean loose covers on sofas or dining chairs.  If covers are fixed have them cleaned professionally. 

7. Wipe down outdoor furniture

Add a squirt of washing-up liquid to a bowl of warm water, then wipe down tables and chairs with a damp cloth. Finish it all off with a spray of water from the garden hose.

8. Deep clean your carpet

Rent a carpet cleaner, such as a RugDoctor, or call in the pros.  – choose one that’s a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. But if your carpet is really stained GHI experts recommend rearranging the furniture or adding a strategically placed rug.

 9. Empty your gutters

Give gutters a good clean with a stiff brush, then invest in a gutter brush. Water can still flow freely along the gutters, but the brush will stop leaves from getting stuck in your pipes and blocking them.

10. Purge your garage and basement

If you’re like us, these spaces are where unclaimed items get stashed when there’s nowhere else to put them. Taking time each year to reevaluate what you’ve collected and what you don’t need anymore.

Now this is our kind of cleaning! 

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