Apparently These Are The Most UNBEARABLE Habits! How Many Are YOU Guilty Of?

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We've all got a vice, which one is yours? Reddit users have revealed the most irritating traits known to man.

From nail biting, to interrupting a conversation, we've all got traits that can be deemed annoying - even if we're not complete aware of it. 

Reddit users have grouped together to identify their own vices in a hilarious new thread that had us nodding our heads in agreement. 

How many are you guilty of? 

1. The Leg Bounce

"Bounce my leg all the time, to the point where the driver in a car can feel it at a stop light." - Black38

2. Pen Clicking

"I was the guy that constantly clicked a retractable pen. It was always a subconscious habit of mine. My awakening came when I was having a conversation with somebody while my boss was nearby. Mid-conversation, my boss walks over, looks me dead in the eye and silently takes the pen from my hand. No words were exchanged, but I understood. I would like to say that I'm much more conscious of this habit now." - Canofmeat

3. Interrupting people

"I always interrupt people and ever since it was pointed out to me I've been shocked by how often I've had to stop myself butting in." -everestsam98

4. Always saying 'like' 

"Saying the word 'like', like way too like often." - Tom-Barman

5. Being too self-centred

"Changing the conversation to focus on myself. In my mind I'm adding things to the conversation, but to others I'm being narcissistic. I'm much more aware of it now. Anyway enough about me, let's talk about you." - imightbeaspider

6. Over apologising 

"I'm constantly apologetic for everything, even things I have no control over. Had no idea until my best friend told me how annoying it is." - better-off-ted

7. Stopping mid-sentence 

"I've cut it out, but for a long time, I had a habit of starting a sentence, pausing, then saying 'Nevermind'. It drove everyone crazy. Didn't realise how frustrating it was until someone did it to me." - deedubya139 

8. Saying 'what' before giving an answer

"I say 'what?' before answering questions sometimes, even though I heard you. I'll go 'what?', hesitate, and then answer." - twinb27

9. Talking too loud 

"I talk too loud. I have to make a conscious effort when I'm excited to speak at a reasonable volume." - Fuego_pants

10. Nail Biting 

"Nail biting and fidgeting with my fingers." - earlymorningsnooz