12 Embarrassing Signs You're WAY Too Comfortable In Your Relationship!

Whether it's squeezing each others' spots or cleaning your teeth while he's having a pee sometimes being secure in a relationship can birth some embarrassing habits. How many of these cringe-worthy relationship crimes are you guilty of?

1. You stop saying "I'll just have the salad" during date night.


2. You no longer give your partner a fright without make-up in the morning.


3. Sharing each other's toothbrush is no longer unhygienic…


4. …and if all else fails the stench of morning breath no longer offends you.


5. You pee with the door open. 


6. Squeezing each other's spots becomes the best pastime activity. 

7. You can let one rip in bed...


8. ...and laugh about it!


9. Putting on weight just means there's more to cuddle up to.


10. You regularly plan sexy and 'wild' evenings in… 


11. …but end up falling a sleep on the sofa. 

12. Despite all of the above... your partner still rocks your world!