WATCH! 3 Year Old Takes First Steps Thanks To Crowd Funding Campaign

6 November 2017, 13:12

Esme Hodge, three year old, walking,

Crowdfunding campaign raises 80K for three year old to walk

Brave three-year-old Esme Hodge has been able to take her first steps thanks to a crowdfunding campaign which raised a whopping 80K for her to walk. 

When Esme was born, Doctors had to wrap her in a sandwich bag and put her in an incubator to keep her alive - as she was three months premature and weighed just 3lb.

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Esme was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to the brain damage incurred from her traumatic birth. She was unable to walk or even stand independently, but since her life-changing surgery all of that has changed.  

She has now boldly taken her first few steps and has a goal to walk into class all by herself when she starts school next September.

All the best, Esme!  


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