5 Things We Wish We Had Told Our Teenage Selves To Make Adulthood A LOT Easier

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Oh, hindsight is 20/20...

When you're a teenager it's safe to say that you think you know EVERYTHING.

Now we're older and (hopefully!) a lot wiser, it's so much easier to look back and point out all the things you wish someone had told you in order to navigate the obstacles in life. 

We take a look back at just a few of the things we wish we knew while were young and carefree! 

1. Enjoy those summer holidays 

Every morning when we drag ourselves out of bed to go to work we're actually longing for the days when we had six weeks off school to enjoy the sunshine. 

Looking back we probably shouldn't have spent those long summers on the sofa.  

Instead, we should have been exploring the world and making the most of any vacation because as we all know now, 25 days annual leave just ISN'T enough!

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2. Save some of that student loan

Oh the opportunities we could have had if we didn't spend our entire student loan on cheap booze and cigarettes!

Looking back those people who started side businesses whilst they were at university were really on to something. 


3. Don't waste your time with people who aren't right for you

There's nothing like puppy love, but as you get older you'll realise that's all it is! 

In hindsight, we spent far too much time obsessing over crushes and trying to save relationships that weren't quite for us. 

We should have spent more time hanging out with friends and building memories, knowing that the right person WILL come along eventually. 

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4. Pursue what you love, and if you don't succeed keep trying. 

We were so easily discouraged when we were younger, when in fact there is no dream too big.

Now we're older we realise that being able to do a job you love is one of life's biggest privileges! We wish we found our passion and stuck to it!


5. Don't take life so seriously... 

We shouldn't have put so much pressure on ourselves! After all, it all worked out for the best in the end didn't it?