These 80's Stationary Items Will Give You Nostalgia And Make You Want To Buy Them For Your Kids!

back to school 80's stationary

These school throwbacks will bring the memories of dinner ladies and PE kits flooding back!

Stationary is a bore when doing the back to school shop, so why not make it fun by including some of your old 80's staples in your kids pencil case this year? 

They're DEFINITELY still essentials!

1. Troll Pencil Toppers 

Buy them from Crafty Crocodiles.

2. Multicoloured Biro

multicoloured biro

Buy them on Amazon

3. Scented Erasers

scented erasers

By them from Smiggle.

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4. Scratch 'n Sniff Stickers

scratch n sniff stickers

Buy them from Classroom Capers.

5. Pop Out Pencil Case

pop out pencil case

Buy it from Smuggle.

6. Calculator Watch

calculator watch

Buy it from Argos.

7. Gel Pens

gel pens

Buy them from Hobby Craft.