People Aren't Impressed With How This Site Is Advertising Plus Size Tights

11 December 2017, 12:51 | Updated: 11 December 2017, 13:02

Insenistive plus size tights advert

By Alice Westoby

Many have taken offence to the stores marketing strategy.

People are not happy with how retailer have advertised their range of plus size tights and the images are problematic to say the very least.

The plus size fashion industry has grown exponentially in recent years with plus size models gracing the catwalk and the pages of magazines more and more frequently.

These are all great things but tactless marketing like's are taking us two steps backwards. They advertised their plus size tights using a tiny model and a pretty insulting pose...

 Insenistive plus size tights advert

In the images the model can be seen completely enveloped by the tights and stretching them with her arms to show the size.

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Understandably as soon as some shoppers caught wind of the pictures they took to social media to express their dismay...

However some eagle eyed shoppers have revealed that actually stole the images from another website called which were originally used for advertising magic tights that claim not to rip. 

Magic Tights TrendingVIP

The pictures make WAY more sense in this context! But despite them not owning the images, it makes's use of them appear even more insensitive without the fact they took images from another website.

We have reached out to for comment.