Alcohol could soon be cut from all-inclusive holiday packages

17 July 2018, 07:30 | Updated: 17 July 2018, 16:38

Cocktails holiday

By Naomi Berners

The Balearic Government is proposing a reassessment of what 'all inclusive' will cover - and it's looking likely that alcohol could fall outside of the package deals.

Those heading to all-inclusive resorts in Majorca and Ibiza may soon have to pay extra for alcohol, after talks to have booze cut from package deals could soon become reality.

The discussions come as tourism chiefs are concerned about the amount of anti-social behaviour fuelled by unlimited drink in major holiday hotspots - in particular the Calvia district of Mallorca, which includes Magaluf.

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The proposed rule, which will consider regulating the amount of free alcohol included in package holidays - or remove it completely - will reportedly be rolled out to the public for consultation later on this summer.

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Director general of tourism for the Balearics Antoni Sansó has explained: "Rather than put limits on consumption or time, we propose that alcohol does not come into the equation but it's not easy.

"The government wants to rely on the same formula used for half-board and full-board packages in which they charge for alcohol separately."

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It is rumoured that island leaders want to offer all-inclusive guests 'added value' in other areas, with the word "environment" cropping up in discussions - which could suggest that holidaymakers will be given the opportunity to take advantage of free or heavily discounted excursions as part of their deal instead.

The Balearic Government plan to speak to all councils involved before they proceed with any concrete plans - although Calvia council is 'urgently pressing' the tourism leaders to take action as soon as possible.