The most annoying things about being a hay fever sufferer

Rachel Friends Hayfever

By Alice Westoby

The weather is getting nicer and everyone can almost smell summer! Except those people with hay fever who are blocked up and can't smell anything.

Hay fever sufferers get it pretty bad.

We all spend the winter with a cold, and then summer comes, and we STILL have a blocked nose thanks to the most evil of natures

Yes, a pollen allergy is not the best thing to have in the summer months when everyone wants to spend their time outdoors.

Here are ten thoughts that everyone who suffers from has a one point during the spring and summer months...

1. 'I will never take being able to breathe for granted again.'

A blocked nose is never fun and nobody wants to spend the summer sounding nasal.

2. 'How much have I spent on medicine this week?!' 


It's super fun having to stock up on tablets, nasal spray, eye drops and tissues every week. SUPER FUN.

3. 'Time to empty the tissues from my handbag!'


It's a really nice perk of hay fever to find a trail of tissues everywhere you go. But we can't help it - when you gotta blow, you gotta blow.

4. 'No amount of make up will hide how red my nose is right now'

It's gets to a stage where you blow your nose SO much, you pretty much look like Rudolph. So chic.

5. 'NO I'm not crying it's my hay fever' 


It's really nice looking like you've been sobbing when in reality, you're having a lovely day, but you've just been rubbing your pollen filled eyes for half an hour.

6. 'Remember your sunglasses. Remember your sunglasses'. 


For most, sunglasses are a fun summer fashion accessory. For hay fever sufferers they are an essential barrier to keep the pollen away from our poor sensitive eyes.

7. 'How dare people have picnics outside?!' 

Picnics? Outside? Where the evil pollen lives? Summer is great, but not when you have to think twice about plans based on your hay fever or plan to take aaaaall the medicine well in advance.

8. 'Those flowers aren't pretty, they're evil'

How can something so beautiful be filled with something so evil? 

Thanks for ruining summer, pollen.