These genius April Fool's Day pranks will have everyone fooled this Easter

31 March 2018, 13:05

Easter/April Fools prank

We wish we'd have thought of these ourselves.

FINALLY, the universe has united two of our favourite days - and no we're not talking about Christmas and Pancake Day.

This year, not only is April 1st the day of the ultimate prankster, but this Sunday also marks Easter!

To celebrate this rare but momentous occasion, Heart radio have put together some of the internet's best pranks to try out on your loved ones, work colleagues and maybe even a couple of strangers if you're brave enough.

Warning however, if any of these pranks end up in a break-up of a relationship, being fired from your job or a revenge - don't shoot the messangers.


Grapes for mini Easter eggs

Easter/April Fools prank

Now this is certainly one way to stop the kids from eating too much chocolate this easter. Not to mention absolutely hilarious viewing watching them unpack their surprisingly healthy treats.

Swap the mini easter eggs for grapes on this year's Easter Egg Hunt and let the disappointment begin.

Chocolate Brussel Sprout Lolly Pops

Easter/April Fools prank

If the first prank isn't nutritious and suspicious enough, why not try these tricky treats. Brussel Sprout lollipops!

Because sprouts aren't just for Christmas, they're for life.

Toothpaste filled Oreos

Okay okay, so there's a slight theme to the first three. Weird but wonderful treats. instead the sweet filling inbetween, try swapping it for toothpaste.

Worked well for this lady.

Painting the soap bar with clear nail polish

Easter/April Fools prank

Warning! May result in stinky children 

Try painting the bar of soap in clear varnish and wait to hear the confusion from your family after bath time

Semi-permanent rainbow on the car screen

Easter/April Fools prank

Now try this one at your own risk.

If your family member is a big car lover, you want to skip this one. But if not, why not brighten up their day with one of these semi-permenant rainbows on their windscreen.

After all, everyone needs a light colour added to their day, don't they?

Changing the sign on the mens toilet

Easter/April Fools prank

This is a good one to try on the work colleagues, if they can take a joke.

Try cutting out a little black skirt and attach it to the mens toilet sign at work, Voila! Two women's toilet and no mens.

Oh where will the little lads go now?

Siren at the back of the door

Easter/April Fools prank

Now this is just pure evil.

Stick an air horn behind the bathroom door so that your full-bladdered workmates will get the shock of their lives

Siren under the chair

Easter/April Fools prank

We're all for saving the economy, so why not reuse the air horn and attach underneath a co-workers chair.

They'll be shooting up and into action before you know it.

Some might even call it productive.

Grow A Keyboard plant

Easter/April Fools prank

Maybe use an old keyboard for this one before the tech guys come looking for you (and us for giving you this idea in the first place).

All you need is loo roll, seeds and water and TADAH! You've got yourself a keyboard garden right on your co-worker's desk.

Isn't that nice.


Happy pranking!