Are One Of These People On Your Lunch Break?

Shaun Of The Dead Winchester

This survey reveals what people really think of the way people take their hour lunch.

Back in the day it was a tradition, nearly compulsory, to head to the local pub on a lunch break.

Especially on paydays!

But a recent YouGov poll has revealed how the tables have turned in recent years and what people really think of the tradition of a lunch time 'swift half'.

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Apparently 60% of the people surveyed said that a lunchtime invite to the pub should be met with a "resounding no" even if it is part of a meal.

On the other end of the spectrum a mere 32% think a little tipple on your break is fine.

It was also found that men are more likely to head to the pub on a lunch break and 43% of all Londoners asked support the lunchtime tradition.

However the ritual of heading to the pub during the day could be coming back into fashion as 46% 18-24 year olds are in favour of it.

We want to hear your thoughts! Is a lunchtime trip to the pub acceptable?