Talented artist reimagines Disney princesses as modern day women

3 July 2020, 00:36

The amazing artwork is displayed on Yuldemis' TikTok
The amazing artwork is displayed on Yuldemis' TikTok. Picture: Instagram/TikTok

The artist and Disney fan has been showcasing her talents in snappy videos on TikTok.

An amazing digital illustrator has blown away fans with her incredible reimagined Disney Princesses.

29-year-old Yuldemis San Emeterio from the US regularly posts videos of her artwork in progress on her TikTok and Instagram accounts, but her Disney recreations have gone truly viral.

The artist has 22.8k followers on her Instagram and a whopping 182k followers on TikTok, so her creations are clearly incredibly popular.

She's redrawn many of our favourite Disney characters such as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog and Jasmine from Aladdin as though they're women living in 2020.

The results are amazing!

Mulan before
Mulan before. Picture: TikTok
Mulan after
Mulan after. Picture: TikTok
Tiana before
Tiana before. Picture: TikTok
Tiana after
Tiana after. Picture: TikTok
Jasmine before
Jasmine before. Picture: TikTok
Jasmine after
Jasmine after. Picture: TikTok
Rapunzel before
Rapunzel before. Picture: TikTok
Rapunzel after
Rapunzel after. Picture: TikTok

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