ASDA Is Stocking Disney Villain Halloween Outfits For An Incredible Price!

20 September 2017, 16:05

Disney Villains

It's never too early to get prepared for Halloween and these outfits from ASDA are making us so excited.

Ask any child under 10 and they would probably say there is nothing scarier than a Disney villain.

Malificent? Terrifying. How about Ursula? Not the friendliest sea witch.

And in October these characters really come into their own at a time when dressing scary is required - that's right, it's almost Halloween!

This year ASDA truly have your back in the costume department and are selling some brilliant Disney villain costumes at a bargain price.

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The collection of spooky outfits includes Ursula from the Little Mermaid for £25 which includes a dress complete with tentacles as well as a shocking silver wig to finish off the look in true evil style.

 ASDA Disney Outfits

They are also stocking Cruelle de Vil outfits which include long red gloves, black figure hugging dress, a black and white wig and of course a faux Dalmatian fur cape also for £25.

Other options available for Disney villain dress up include the evil Malificent and the Evil Queen from Snow White which are outfits that will certainly turn heads at a Halloween party or out and about trick or treating.

But fear not, if Disney isn't up your street they also have Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter's robes, a Wonder Woman outfit and an amazing Princess Fiona from Shrek outfit all for under £25.

You've got no excuse not to look fab at Halloween now!