ASDA Made This HUGE Blunder When Opening Their Brand New Store

23 August 2017, 12:20

Asda Newport Isle Of Wight Blunder

The supermarket chain pulled out all the stops but overlooked this major detail...

ASDA have recently opened a shiny new supermarket on the Isle of Wight.

With most new store openings there is always fan fare in the form of locals gathering to applaud, lots of branded balloons and usually a comically large pair of scissors to cut a ribbon.

But another special touch that the supermarket giant added to proceedings was the special design of a 'Bag For Life' by local children to celebrate the brand new branch in Newport.

ASDA isle of wight blunder 2

It's a cute momento for those shopping in the new branch, but are you eagle eyed enough to spot the error?

In the bottom left hand corner is the address of the new location, but ASDA have made a bit of spelling mistake and proved that it always pays to double check your work!

ASDA isle of wight blunder 1

Awkward! We thought the shop was on the Isle of WIGHT not the Isle of WHITE...oops.

Many were quick to point out the error to the company on Twitter...

Moral of the story? Check your spelling!