You Should Avoid Using These Words On Your Dating App Profiles, Apparently

16 May 2017, 18:11 | Updated: 9 June 2017, 15:59

Dating app

A reports claims to have established a formula for making a good dating app profile.

It’s a modern-day romantic dilemma: deciding on the perfect bio for your dating profile. Could the wrong words on Tinder turn off a potential match immediately? Could a haphazard ‘about me’ on Happn make someone’s heart drop?

Yes, it’s tough out there – but luckily help is at hand, so you need fret no longer. Or perhaps this latest news will make you even more confused about the best way to sell you sparkling personality on a dating app. 

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New research has been carried out by a company that looked at 400,000 dating apps to find out what creates a successful dating profile. The results are, to be honest, absolutely baffling.

Apparently women should avoid using the word “shy”, “happy” and “trustworthy”. Like we said, absolutely bizarre. In addition to this, the report found that using the word “confident” on your Tinder, Bumble and Happn profiles is likely to draw a positive response, regardless of your gender. Other words that work well for both genders include “humorous”, “intelligent” and “romance”. Well, that’s more like it.

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The report – which, it must be said, does not shy away from broad generalisations – claims: “If you’re a man whose profile is filled with references to how handsome everyone tells you are, remove all of that and instead refer to yourself as honest... intelligent... and confident... women value your character over your vanity."

The report also reckons that if your profile pictures seem to be highly stylised, you may be less likely to find a match. No, we’re not sure if that means you should select that Facebook photo of you looking rough after a big night out…