Babies With THESE Names Will Earn The Most Money

22 November 2017, 12:06

Child Earning Money

By Naomi Berners

If your child's name is in this list, then the future is bright for you!

There are many things you have to take into account when choosing a name for your cute little newborn.

Will they have nicknames? Is there a famous celebrity that's tarnished the name in some way?

Will it mean that they earn a lot?!


Yep, apparently you can gauge whether your child is destined to earn the big bucks simply by the name that you choose.

A study by has the revealed the names of people most likely to end up with a hefty sum in their account, and concluded average salaries by using Adzuna's ValueMyName tool. 

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First up, the high-earning girls:

1. Lily - £30,821

2. Isabella - £28,935

3. Ella - £28,623

4. Amelia - £27,645

5. Emily - £27,420

6. Mia - £26,981

7. Jessica - £26,342

8. Olivia - £26,011

And the boys:

1. Oscar - £37.786

2. George - £37,342

3. Oliver - £35,536

4. Thomas - £33,817

5. Charlie - £33,298

6. Harry - £31,996

7. Muhammad - £31,760

8. Jacob - £30,233

The study also revealed that middle names can also contribute to financial success.

Psychologists Wijnand AP Van Tilburg and Eric R Igou explained: “Middle-name initials often appear in formal contexts, especially when people refer to intellectual achievements.”

So maybe we should start giving our kiddies at least two middle names, just in case...?!

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