Want To Ditch A Bad Date? This New App Will Ghost Them Out Of Your Life!

Ghostbot app dating on mobile phone

If you can't shake a bloke from the murky pits of online dating, you may want to give this ingenious new 'Ghosting' app a try...

We've all been there. You go on a naff date, you're not that fussed and you'd rather blow him off now than risk it going any further. 

But he keeps messaging, texting and calling until you're desperate to let the conversation die a death!

What on earth are you supposed to do? 

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Fortunately, a new app has been developed to help you 'ghost' someone gracefully, helping you escape the cycle of one-word replies and non-committal messages. Hoorah! 

Meet Ghostbot - an tool that lets you keep your real phone number private and then sends text messages on your behalf from temporary numbers. Ingenious, right? 

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Ghostbot has been specifically designed to help you beat the bullies and those unwanted, aggressive or abusive text messages that might be making you uncomfortable.

It works through an existing app called Burner, so you'll have to get yourself an account and make sure you give the potential bad date one of those temporary numbers we mentioned earlier. Take a peek at how it works... 

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If it all goes pear-shaped, Ghostbot will send him/her texts including 'Nope', 'I just don't have time right now' and even the thumbs down emoji. 

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And, if the language becomes threatening, that idiot will be blocked forever. 

What do you reckon? It's got to be worth a try, right?