Woman wears bath pouff as a fancy fascinator... and people are amazed

26 June 2018, 15:30 | Updated: 12 July 2018, 13:59

 bath puff

The OAP fashionista shared her top tip with a weekly magazine, and her vision has spread like wildfire across social media.

A woman’s simple hack to turn a bath pouff in to a cheap and cheerful fascinator has gone viral.

Lilian Smith, from Preston, wrote in to Take A Break magazine with a photo of her wearing one of the nylon netting shower scrubs attached to a headband. 

She wrote: "I couldn't find a hat or fascinator in the colour I liked for an upcoming party. 

"But I still wanted something fetching to wear in my hair. Seeing a bath puff in the exact shade I was looking for gave me an idea. 

"I attached it to a hair clip and put it in my hair. Job done.

“It matched my outfit perfectly and looked great!" 

A photo of the tip went viral on Twitter, with one user commenting: “Yes I know England are through to the last 16 at the World Cup but can we please all actually be upstanding for Lilian from Preston who has gone to a wedding wearing a fascinator she made from a bath puff.” 

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