Is 31 the beauty peak?

A survey has found that women are at their most attractive when they are 31.

The poll of 2,000 men and women, commissioned by the shopping channel QVC to celebrate its Beauty Month, found that females in their early thirties are seen to be more attractive than younger girls as they are much more confident and stylish.

According to the new research almost two-thirds of women agreed that with age, comes beauty.  While 70% thought that beauty was linked to confidence.  51% of the women surveyed revealed that as they have have let go of insecurities as they've gotten older and feel more beautiful while 63% agreed that they cared less about what people thought of their looks as they got older.

The poll also found that where you live in the country does play a role.  It found that those ladies living in London were the most confident about their looks with 37% desciring themselves as beautiful compared  to just 28% in Wales.

It seems that it's those in the East Midlands that spend the most on looking good with and average spending of £129.69 per month.


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