Airbrushing: Your views

The Girl Guides are starting a petition, calling for the compulsory labelling of airbrushed photos.

Celebrities like Myleene Klass and Davina McCall have in the past made a stand against airbrushing and now youngsters are having their say.

The Girl Guides say girls are often influenced by images of how women should look and put unrealistic pressures on young women. A recent survey of teenagers shows half would consider having surgery to change their appearance.

An online petition's hoping to force compulsory labelling. The government's said it's not keen on a ban. So it'll be up to the advertising and magazine industry to agree a voluntary code.

*The picture above is an airbrushed image of some Heart news reporters.

Do you think we need compulsory labelling? Have your say below...

My thoughts are...: I think that if they will not ban it, then to have a notice on the image to inform its been airbrushed needs to be in place.  Its not fair they can portray an image that’s not real, I believe its almost like false advertising.  Its hard enough looking at slim women with the ‘perfect’ bodies, yet having the images altered even more so that’s it’s actually an unrealistic achievement is not right.  I’m 28 and still worry about what I should look like and seeing images that have been altered doesn’t help, if it still affects me, what is it doing children?? Hazel

My thoughts are...: I think airbrushed pictures should be banned, if magazines aren't happy with how someone looks naturally they shouldn't include photoshoots of them. Karl