This Is The Face Of The Most Beautiful Woman On Earth...Apparently!

Most beautiful face in the world canvas

Whoever said beauty is in the eye of the beholder never met the mathematician claiming the 'perfect face' is all in the numbers...

Some science boffins have crunched the numbers to discover the perfect female face...and it's totally WEIRD!

Scientific facial mapping can be used to formulate the 'Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty' - a kind of map that shows where your eyes, lips, nose and cheekbones should be to be the most stunning.

We know, we know, it's eye roll worthy, but stay with us...

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According to the experts, the celebrity with the face closest to the ideal Greek ratio (also known as φ Phi) is dun, dun, dun...Amber Heard!

Here's what the ideal face looks like...

the most beautiful face in the world

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Experts also analysed the faces of other celebs, like Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, and Kendall Jenner who are around the 90% perfect mark according to the ratio. 

Combining all this together, Harley Street surgeon Dr Julian De Silva created this composite woman (above) who is 'supposedly' perfect. 

Is it just us or does she have a Michael Jackson flair with a slight mannequin look? We'd rather look like an ACTUAL human...

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Dr De Silva said: "Amber Heard had a near perfect ratio of nose dimension 99.7% and her chin was also almost perfect. Across the 12 key markers for nose, lips, eyes, forehead, chin and facial symmetry and shape, Amber Heard had the highest combined score."

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What do you think? Perfection or terrifying?