Five beauty trends that are guaranteed to be all the rage in 2019

17 December 2018, 12:45

Get your beauty regime back on track in 2019
Get your beauty regime back on track in 2019. Picture: Getty

According to social media site Pinterest, these are the the most trending beauty search terms that are likely to soar in popularity in the new year.

Beauty trends come and go so often that it can be hard to keep up.

But if you like to stay on top of the beauty game luckily Pinterest have used the most searched for trends on their site to give us a head start of what to look out for in the world of glam in 2019.

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Here are the top five...

  1. Lilac hair: searches +1077%

    Forget blonde ombre and balayage, 2019 is looking like it's all about pastel colours particularly lilac.

    Whether you head to the hairdresser to get it dyed or opt for some purple shampoo on your blonde tresses this is definitely a trend to look out for in the new year.

  2. Grey hair: searches +879%

    Embrace your greys!
    Embrace your greys! Picture: Getty

    Embrace your greys in 2019!

    No more dying those roots every few weeks, embrace the natural changes that are happening to your hair - people are literally dying to go grey so why hide it?

  3. Statement lips: searches +467%

    Rock a statement lip in 2019
    Rock a statement lip in 2019. Picture: Getty

    If you've been shying away from making a statement with your lipstick up until now, 2019 is the year to change that!

    With more natural looks being the trend of 2018, things are about to get more colourful in the new year.

  4. Powder nails: searches + 442%

    Forget gel nails - 2019 is all about dipping power!

    You may have heard the phrase 'SNS' being thrown around this year and if Pinterest's findings are correct then you're about to hear it a whole lot more next year.

    Its the process of using dipping powder to create long lasting nail looks instead of gel which can sometimes be damaging.

  5. Witch hazel: searches +305%

    Witch hazel is great for your skin
    Witch hazel is great for your skin. Picture: Getty

    Remember that stuff your mum used to say was great at keeping spots at bay?

    We may have snubbed her then but it's back and an acceptable form of skincare according to Pinterest.

    Keep your eyes peeled for products galore using this magic ingredient in 2019.