How to get perfect eyebrows: Threading, microblading and home treatments

31 January 2019, 11:33 | Updated: 31 January 2019, 11:36

Great brows can change your face (for the better)
Great brows can change your face (for the better). Picture: Getty

By Nicola Bonn

Heart's Beauty Editor Nicola Bonn talks you through four ways to make your eyebrows look fabulous from microblading to a simple wax and tint.

For years I've tried to pretend that my thin, over-plucked brows don't exist. Instead I've focused on using as much mascara as possible to draw attention to my eyes and away from my pesky arches.

When brows became huge news in 2018 I was ready to run and hide but it turned out that with all the attention that they were getting came a whole load of amazing and more importantly, simple ways to make them look good.

From serums to tints you can do in your lunch break to full blown micro-blading, fabulous brows are now available to us all and once you get them right you'll never look back.

Benefit have cornered the market when it comes to quick, easy brows
Benefit have cornered the market when it comes to quick, easy brows. Picture: brand/picture agency

Eyebrow wax and tint

If you're looking for a brow makeover that you can have in your lunch break then I recommend going to your local Benefit. The staff there definitely know their brows and if you don't mind sitting on a stool on the shop floor, you'll be amazed at the magic they can work.

From face-mapping, to plucking, to waxing to tinting they really can do it all and you'll leave a new woman.

The effects of a tint and wax last around a month. This is a great option if you have an event or holiday coming up.

HD Brows offer a very individual service
HD Brows offer a very individual service. Picture: Press/brand

HD Brows

Taking the service offered by Benefit to the next level is HD Brows. (HD Brows is the trademark of High Definition Brows Ltd.) When you get an HD treatment you'll have your tint mixed to match your own colour exactly. HD therapists also offer re-growth programmes and advice.

There are HD trained stylists all around the country. Click here to find your local one.


I'm a huge fan of threading and often get my moustache done as well as my brows. (I'm not going to lie...getting your moustache done isn't the most pleasant blimming hurts!)

If you've never experienced the wonders of threading, it's an eastern beauty treatment that dates back centuries. It involves having your hairs removed with two tightly wound pieces of thread and when performed on the brows can leave you with a really great, defined shape.


For perfect brows that last for up to 18 months, microblading may be the thing for you.

Microblading has similarities to tattooing but takes place on the very upper levels of the skin and is performed with a blade so fine that it can produce hair like strokes. The result of micro-blading is an incredibly realistic looking brow that is designed specifically to suit your face shape and colouring.

Many people worry about the pain factor but there is the option of having numbing cream which definitely helps. Micro-blading doesn't come cheap and can cost up to £500 for two treatments, but if your sparse brows are the bane of your life, it might prove face-changing.

Daxita Vaghela aka The Lash Queen is one of the UK's most sought after microblading experts
Daxita Vaghela aka The Lash Queen is one of the UK's most sought after microblading experts. Picture: Press/brand agency

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