Makeup tips to hide wrinkles: Improve the appearance of forehead, eyelids and sagging cheeks

11 January 2019, 17:30 | Updated: 31 January 2019, 11:31

how to conceal wrinkles with makeup
We all want to know how to conceal wrinkles with makeup. Picture: pixabay

By Nicola Bonn

Heart's Beauty Editor Nicola Bonn tells you how to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles with makeup and concealer.

Right we need to get something straight first off. I love wrinkles. I think they should be celebrated. They are part of who we are, we will all get them and they are nothing to be ashamed of. For me a glowing, healthy looking skin with wrinkles is the perfect look. So if right now you are looking at your wrinkles and despairing, please don't. You need to embrace them!

That notwithstanding, I get that wrinkles can be challenging when it comes to makeup application. Wear your makeup too dry and it will gather in them and eyeshadow can be particularly problematic too.

There are certain products that will smooth out your skin and help your makeup to glide on effortlessly. So while your wrinkles won't disappear, they may seem reduced and more importantly, your makeup will look fresh and glowy.

This Ren primer is silicone free, perfectly smoothing and full of skincare benefits
This Ren primer is silicone free, perfectly smoothing and full of skincare benefits. Picture: press/brand agency

Before we even get to makeup, you need to make sure that your skin is really moisturised. Parched skin invariably leads to makeup gathering in wrinkles so don't be shy with your moisturiser and use a really lovely rich one at night time.

The first step before you apply your makeup is to use a smoothing primer to give your face the perfect base. Some of the best primers for mature skin contain silicone which has the effect of allowing your makeup to literally skim over wrinkles. My favourite primer is the REN Perfect Canvas Skin Enhancing Serum Primer which isn't cheap at £50 but is silicone free, contains a host of skin benefits and will make your skin silky smooth.

A great base that blurs out wrinkles and fine lines
A great base that blurs out wrinkles and fine lines. Picture: press/brand agency

After smoothing out your skin with a primer, the trick is not to go overboard with the foundation. What you don't want is a heavy, drying foundation that clings in all the wrong places. Instead go for something light and full of moisture. I'm a huge fan of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturisers which give a light, glowy coverage. For slightly more coverage, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel gives a lovely luminosity to the skin.

Makeup artist to the stars Cher Webb is a huge fan of Givenchy Blurring Foundation Balm which is hydrating, glides on and gives the skin that glow that I keep on going on about and if you'd rather go for a fully blown foundation, then Chanel Vitalumiere is lovely because once again it gives that hydration that is so important as our skin matures.

Whatever you choose as your base, the key words to keep in mind are moisture, hydration, dewy and glow. Steer clear of heavy formulas that accentuate wrinkles.

Dr Perricone No Blush Blush adapts to your skin tone
Dr Perricone No Blush Blush adapts to your skin tone. Picture: press/brand agency

Sticking to the hydration theme, I would definitely go for a cream or liquid blusher over a powder one. There are some beautiful formulas on the market with MAC and Laura Mercier doing a huge range of cream blushers. Also worth seeking out is the NARS Orgasm liquid blush. It offers that beautiful, suit all shade without the shimmer and blends onto the skin beautifully.

Trinny London have some lovely creamy products both in blush and bronze form. They are great multi-tackers as you can use them on your lips, cheeks and even your eyelids and they come in little stackable pots which are great for doing your makeup on the move.

I also love the Dr Perricone No Blush Blush. This liquid formula is subtle and natural and works with your natural skin tone to make you look like you've been out for a bracing walk. Again, it is a liquid which won't dry and cling to wrinkles.

When it comes to eyes, I think that it's worth investing in a good primer specifically for that area. I like the By Terry Eye Base to Fix which helps to provide a smooth base which will stop your eye shadow clinging to wrinkles and also should keep it in place. urban Decay also do an excellent option called Eyeshadow Primer potion. I've tried it and it really does keep everything in place all day long.

When choosing an eyeshadow I would steer clear of shimmer and glitter and go for something matte. NARS, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, MAC and No 7 all have beautiful eyeshadows in a wide range of colours. With the help of your primer, you don't need to shy away from really going for it when it comes to your eyeshadow.

bright lippies can be your best friend
bright lippies can be your best friend. Picture: press/brand agency

Finally, remember that a bright lipstick looks fabulous whatever your age. If you worry that your lips are dry then give them a light exfoliation with your toothbrush and apply a lip salve each night before you go to sleep. Then pick a colour and wear it with pride! You're never too old!

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