The amazing product turns any nail polish into a gel manicure (and is good for your nails)

22 February 2019, 12:24

Leighton Denny Gel Topcoat will change your nail care game
Leighton Denny Gel Topcoat will change your nail care game. Picture: pixabay

By Nicola Bonn

This product that will turn your everyday nail polish into a long-lasting gel manicure that doesn't weaken your nails, and is a doddle to remove.

Leighton Denny Top That Gel TopCoat
Leighton Denny Top That Gel TopCoat. Picture: press/brand agency

I love getting my nails done. I mean really love it. Being a working mum of two it feels so luxurious to have my hands preened and pampered for the best part of an hour.

Usually my mani of choice is a gel one. Even though they've been around for a good while now, I still find it pretty miraculous that I don't have to sit around for half an hour waiting for my nails to dry and the fact that they last for two weeks or more... what's not to like!?

Unless you have the time and money, it can be quite hard to maintain a gel mani. Often one of them peels off and then you can't resist ripping off the rest of them because actually you really don't have time to have that one nail re-done.

Also, if you repeatedly get them done, you'll know how weak they can make your nails and removal? Don't even talk to me about removal.

I almost ruined my nails trying to take them off at home. Generally it's something that you have to go back to the salon and pay for.

Anyway, I'm not promising miracles because they really don't exist, but I think I've found a product that could be the answer to some of our gel-mani woes.

Allow me to introduce you to the Top That Gel System from King of nails Leighton Denny.

Basically you start off by removing your nail polish and priming your nails, then you apply two coats of your usual nail polish, wait for 30 minutes, then brush on some of the top coat and put it under the LED lamp for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Finally, wipe off the sticky residue with a small amount of the cleanser and voila you have a long lasting mani that won't hurt your nails.

Removal is pretty easy too. There's a special cleanser included and some nail wraps.

Buy it here for £60

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