People Are Styling Their Hair Into Unicorn Horns

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Move over My Little Pony, Unicorn horns are the next crazy braid trend- will you be trying out the trend?

If your teenage daughter comes home with a horn on her head, no, you haven’t had too much wine, and no, she hasn't fully lost the plot – apparently, it's socially acceptable to look like a mystical unicorn these days.

Yep, people are actually braiding their hair into unicorn horns and it's as strange as it sounds.



Crazy Hair Day Unicorn style:). #unicornhair #crazyhairday #mylittlepony #secretkeepergirls

A photo posted by Dana Plummer (@beautyandverses) onFeb 10, 2016 at 7:41am PST


We love a new hair trend as much as the next person but we're not quite sure about this one…