Stop Plucking, Primping and Preening! How NOT To Ruin Your Eyebrows

cara delevigne eyebrows

If you're aiming for perfect brows but just can't get there, you may want to put down those tweezers and read this...

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Go on admit did some weird things to your eyebrows as a teenager, right? 

We've all been there, armed with tweezers, hot wax, bits of thread or, heaven forbid, a razor blade, attempting to get shapely gorgeous brows. Sadly, it very rarely turns out perfect. 

If you want to rival supermodels in the eyebrow game, you're going to need our brow-tastic advice below. We promise, with a bit of tender loving care, patience and practice your eyebrows will be on fleek in no time... 

Your eyebrows shouldn't look like they are running away from each other...

Eyebrows that are too far apart will never look quite right, even if they are perfectly shaped. We know that those middle bits can be a bit unruly, but it's always worth trying brow taming products before tweezing all those pesky hairs out. 

To figure out if your brows are perfectly aligned, try holding a pencil vertically on your face in line with your tear duct. Your brows should meet the pencil, if they don't, they're probably too far apart!

Don't ignore your natural arch 

Everybody has a natural arch, so why fight it? Whether you like it or not you need to work with your arch and tweeze with it in mind. If you're not sure where your natural arch is, use a highlighting pencil to trace the upper and lower line of your eyebrow - the place where both lines rise upwards is where your natural brow is. You can extend this area to accentuate your brow, but moving it is a no go. 

Be wary when plucking stray hairs from above your brow

Technically, it's a myth that you shouldn't pluck stray hairs from above your brow - it isn't going to ruin the shape of your brows if you do it carefully. However, never try and slim your brows down by plucking from the top. All shaping should happen from below for a natural look. Our advice? Proceed with caution. 

Pluck from the fullest part of your brow

Where do you start when you pluck your eyebrows? The inner corner? You're probably not alone, most of us start close to the nose and work outwards. The problem with this is, if you take too much, you're forced to go thinner and thinner towards the middle and end, making brows look nonexistent. Rectify this by starting at the thickest point and then shaping the rest to suit. Easy peasy. 

Be clever with your brow makeup

Filling in your brows is not the same as putting on your lipstick or blusher - if you want to make them look realistic you need to take your time! Benefit Cosmetics' new brow collection includes 10 products designed to solve all your pesky brow dilemmas, from building volume and shaping to adding natural-looking colour. You can shop the full collection here.  

Stop aiming for're never going to get it

Nothing about the human body is perfectly symmetrical, so don't expect your brows to be either! Searching for perfection is guaranteed to end up in over-plucked, thin brows, so accept your lopsidedness now and avoid tears later...

Don't pull your brows up to pluck

Pulling back your skin in a mini-facelift manoeuvre may give you easier access to your brows, but pulling too much could mean you pluck too many hairs, leaving you with thin, lacklustre brows. If you need more precision, swap your old tweezers for a slanted or pointed version, which offer way more control. 

What are your top tips for perfect eyebrows? Let us know below...