Tanning tips

James Read international celebrity tanning expert for St Tropez gives Heart his top tips on how to apply the perfect fake tan.

James tans nearly every magazine editor in the UK, he's worked at the Oscars, Grammy's and Brits and has appeared in most magazine and newspaper's in the UK. He's tanned celebrities including Paris Hilton, Lady GaGa, Lindsay Lohan, Rosie Huntington Whitley, Members Of Take That to name a few.

Do your prep

It's important to exfoliate 24 hours before you apply the tan to prepare the skin and also 3 days after tanning so your tan fades evenly. The most common mistake is to forget to scrub your neck and collarbone, the telltale area for old tan to settle.

Streak free hands and feet

Always moisturise any dry areas on the body, including the hands and feet, before applying the tan.  If you are using a St Tropez Bronzing mousse or lotion, use latex gloves. Once the tan has been applied, remove the gloves and wipe the back of your hands together, going in between the fingers. Then wipe nails and toenails clean, this will stop them dis colouring.  You also need to be careful with the wrist area as it does not naturally catch the sun. Lightly sweep a small amount of moisturizer up the inside of you arms to dilute your tan.

Showering tan

Its recommend that you leave the tan on for a maximum of 8 hours before showering. For best results don't shower till the morning. 'The body heats up at night and regenerates so the colour will develop better.

The Talcum powder trick

This is an amazing trick I do at red carpet events. Put a dusting of talcum powder on sticky areas (eg under arms and behind the knees), which soaks up sweat and prevents white patches. This is gonna be so massive this Summer.

Bigger boobs

To enhance the chest area, use a bronzing spray to contour the area and top up with a bronzing powder.
Using a powder brush, lightly apply bronzer powder around the top of your breasts making a V shape into your cleavage. Work well into the centre and darken between breasts to make them look bigger.

Sexy legs

Use St Tropez new perfect Legs, part everyday tan and part cosmetic. The cosmetic colour gives the legs a flawless golden glow within minutes. The great thing about this product is that once you have washed the legs, you are left with a tan that you can build up. This is great for people who want to get their legs out in the summer.

Tan virgins

If you haven't used self tan before, go for a St Tropez everyday, this allows colour to build up gradually from the first application. This product is easy to apply, it allows you to control the intensity of the tan and it's pretty fool proof. Make sure you wash your hands after applying the tan as this product does not have a colour guild.

Prolong tan

Once you have washed the tan off, apply St Tropez moisturiser, this will make the tan last longer and keep you skin feeling fresh. The tip is to stop your skin drying out.

Top tips 

  • Shave legs and under arm 24 hours before tanning.
  • Wax 48 hours before tanning
  • Don't moisturiser before having a tan.
  • Don't have a beauty treatment 24 hours before having a tan