Ten Thoughts Everyone Has At The Hairdressers

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From nervously waiting for your new colour reveal to asking for a trim and ending up with a mullet. Here's ten thoughts that everyone has at the hairdressers...

We've all been there, sitting in the hair salon chair is far too long to be left alone quietly with your own thoughts. Here are ten thoughts that everyone has at the hairdressers...

They’re judging me.

Paranoid that they’re definitely judging me on the length of my split ends and for having greasy hair.

But who washes their hair before a hairdressing appointment anyway?

How do I explain what I want?

So I forgot to bring celebrity reference photos. Does the Jennifer Aniston look, but also, like, the Blake Lively style make sense?

I have no idea what I just agreed to.

"Feathering" sounds great. Hang on, what is this hairdressing term and am I going to look like a plucked chicken?!

Am I supposed to make small talk?

Because I’d much rather sit in silence than hear about the hairdresser's holiday to Marbella…

This silence is now awkward. 

Okay, there’s a lot of time sitting in silence. Is it too late for small talk? Maybe I should have said yes to the reading material after all…

I’ve had these foils on for far too long

What if my hair falls out? What if the colour is all wrong? My scalp is starting to burn! *SCREAMING INTERNALLY

The wash basin/ shower sink is hurting my neck.

Even the complimentary head massage won’t make up for the worst neck cramp of my life.

I look exactly the same.

Okay, I didn’t expect to pay that much to have hairspray in my eye and look exactly the same. Will anyone even know I’ve spent three hours in the hairdressers?

I hate it!

But, of course, I'll sit there, fake-smile and say: "I love it!" until I get home and cry to my reflection in the mirror.

How much?!

I definitely should’ve waited for a Groupon to have a deal. Guess I’ll be living off beans on toast for the rest of the month then…

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