Treatment Test: Darphin Pleasure Promise

This is a facial that really delivers on its Pleasure Promise.

I hate to say it but the next facial I have has a lot to live up to because I might just have found a new favourite. Yes readers, you read me correctly, I have had a facial that I love. What is this esteemed treatment, I hear you whine? Do I really have to share this one? (because I know I'm never going to get an appointment once I disclose it.)

Ok, it's the Darphin's Pleasure Promise Treatment exclusive to Harrods.

Sometimes my job allows me to feel like a pampered princess who has not a care in the world. Often it is a flurry of launches, cocktails, parties and, of course, treatments. Whilst this is delightful most of the time, sometimes I do like to have a weekend off to rest my weary limbs and reflect on the week that has been.

However, when I was offered the chance to have a Saturday treatment with Darphin in Harrods I simply couldn't resist. Darphin's founding philosophy explains that outward beauty emanates from inner balance and harmony of the body, mind and soul. With this in mind, I couldn't wait to feel the benefits of the Pleasure Promise.

I arrived at the glorious shopping establishment and headed to the buzzing Beauty Hall. I was greeted by Sam, Darphin therapist and she of very sunny disposition! Sam led me to the treatment room located just off the main beauty area where I quickly got undressed and settled in amongst the swathes of luxurious linen. We began by talking through my skin condition (normal but with dry and oily patches...nice!) and my skincare routine (I told the truth and nothing but.)

Next up Sam produced various aromatherapy oils, all of which I took a deep noseful of and then decided which one I liked the best. This would then be incorporated into my facial. Oils are particularly interesting as you are drawn to a particular one depending on your mood. For example, if you are tired or rundown, you are naturally drawn to a revitalising or rejuvenating oil.

I lay on my front while Sam performed a relaxenergy back massage. She explained that this was a great way for clients to relax and unwind. As I explained before, the treatment room is adjacent to the beauty hall so you do hear faint crowd noise which can be a tad off-putting initially. However, the back massage is great way to help you forget about the noise and ease you into the treatment.

Sam was very thorough and delivered great, constant pressure to my back throughout the massage. Combining shiatsu, aromatherapy (the oils) and Swedish massage techniques, my back was slowly uncrinkled (the hazards of a desk job!) as Sam worked out my tense muscles. The calming scent from the oil also helped me to unwind, melt away my worries and allowed me to go on a little journey of relaxation.

I moved onto my back and Sam began to work on my face. The facial began with hot towel decompression which involved moving the steaming towels around my face and neck, culminating in the towel taking the entire weight of my head (like a sling) as Sam used the fabric to lengthen and stretch out my neck muscles. This was such a good workout for my neck and it felt very satisfying...if only all workouts were that simple.

From there we went into the cleansing phase which involved a thorough exfoliation using ingredients including sandalwood, pineapple and lemon. People often worry about exfoliation being too aggressive but it's a painfree way to slough off dead skin cells and awaken the skin. Sam then began a deep tissue massage over my face and neck which helps to restructure the muscles, hopefully helping to make my skin look lifted and plump. It was so nice to just lie there relaxing and not worrying that I had to get back to my desk or to an appointment. Bliss!

The final stage of the treatment involved a Predermine Mask which is scented with Iris and Rose to relax and revitalise my skin. Whilst the ingredients got to work on my face, Sam performed a lovely hand massage which, considering the amount of typing I do, was very welcome! In a break from the norm, I was then elevated to a sitting position where Sam applied Arovita Line Response Cream (a luxurious face cream) and continued a deep tissue face massage which left me looking miraculously fresh, lifted and relaxed.

I was truly impressed with this treatment. I think this is due to a combination of factors. Firstly, my therapist Sam was fantastic. Not only did she put me at ease but she was knowledgeable, precise, very well trained in massage technique and lastly, she was friendly and approachable. Also, I loved the combination of body massage and facial. Sometimes you feel that your face gets all the attention while your body simply gets ignored. All in all - a Pleasure Promise delivered!

Darphin Pleasure Promise Facial (1hr 30 mins) is £60 redeemable against products purchased.

Contact the Darphin Counter at Harrods on 020 7730 1234

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