Treatment Test: Lash Extensions

Treatment of the Fortnight Eyelash Extensions.

Who doesn’t love long false lashes? The only downside is that they only tend to last one night and if you’re not of steady hand, can end up in your drink mid-conversation with the man you’ve had your ‘eye’ on for months. Will Vaishaly’s Eyelash Extensions (which last up to one month) change all this?

The Treatment

Vaishaly Eyelash Extensions £150

Daxita, who is a ‘clone’ of top therapist Vaishaly Patel, applies individual lashes one-by-one, bonding them onto your own eyelashes, with the join apparently remaining undetectable. Most of us have around 90 to 160 lashes on our upper lids, which Daxita boosts using up to 50 lashes per eye (top lids only). Opt for a subtle lash look or a more obvious, full-on glamour look. Guess which one I went for?

What was it really like?

Remarkably comfortable. I had been slightly apprehensive about having this treatment because it’s 60-90 minutes of lying down while someone tinkers around with your eyes, but I needn’t have worried. Daxita made me feel really comfortable and worked diligently to get the treatment finished within an hour (she’s apparently the fastest at applying lashes in the UK!) As I lay there with my eyes shut, Daxita added the extensions using tweezers and surgeon-steady hands. I couldn’t really feel anything apart from a slight pulling now and again but it didn’t hurt at all, in fact it was almost relaxing.

The extensions are gently adhered to the keratinised part of the lash (rather than the base), and are so light that you can barely feel them. Once Daxita had finished applying the lashes I opened my eyes (which were slightly sticky) and peered at them in the mirror. My ‘glamour’ lashes looked so gorgeous and completely natural. I wouldn’t need to wear mascara but Daxita explained that I could if I wished (as long as it was oil-free). After several minutes of fluttering my new found falsies in front of the mirror, I went home and stared at them some more.

Was it worth the money?

Yes, definitely. Considering you actually get 2 appointments for this price (the second is a refill appointment) it becomes more justifiable. Despite feeling mildly irritated by the lashes after about week 2, simply because I couldn’t rub my eyes at all (which is probably a good thing) I am so taken with this treatment. My lashes looked so full and beautiful and I had so many compliments about my eyes, often by people who couldn’t quite decide what was different about me! The only downside to this treatment is that it could develop into a serious addiction!

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