Your favourite celebrity fragrances

As Jennifer Aniston launches her first fragrance, Lolavie, we've asked you what celebrity perfume you like the most.

Shelly Simmons
dont like katie price herself, but her stunning perfume's well stunning hahah

Karen Holmes
I absolutely love alex curran's perfume!!

Terri Jones
Kylie's 'Darling' is beautiful! always wear it! x

Chris Deacon
Get real people! It ent like they made the stuff themselves. We can all have somethin named after us. Can u imagine katie sittin in a lab tryin to work out pye + mc2 ÷ 9 to the power of 3 then mix 10ml of essence of vanilla and 30ml of Co2.? U got more chance of her marryin peter andre in a bigamous marraige. Lol

Rach Hickman
I agree with Shelly, cant stand The Price wench but got bought her purfume stunning and It is really nice, the one I dont wear cause its vile is Jade Goody's Shushh, sorry hunny loved ya and all that but that is Pants with a Capital P. RIP

Belinda Moore
Its the name of the stuff thats the seller, if there was just an ordinary person say Fred Jones and he made a perfume nobody wud by it!!! but if ya names J-lo or kylie or beckham ur going to make a mint out ov it....and some of the prices are high but theres ppl out there who buy it i love paul smith myself but wouldnt pay thru the nose 4 it. Smelling good is essential tho lol.....

Tina Watson
Clive christian perfume harrods have a bottle at a £110,000 price tag smells Devine to I love Sjp aka Sarah Jessica Parker xx

Ree Hickman
I never buy celeb perfumes - i spend ages finding a new fragrance that suits my skin - not a celebs!!! Guerlain are my faves by far!!

Louise Bosworth
Britney Spears 'believe'-gorgeous perfume..nice bottle too lol

Jasvinder Chatha
how about. ed & Rachel. :-) Xx

Mandy Burke
never found one i like yet xx

Linda Sheehan
Noooooo they earn enough money without us adding to it.

Keith Jones
I think they should bottle something for us men! I know you can get Beckham - but I reckon my missus would really love me if I smelt of Hugh Jackman! lol The great smell of Wolverine!!

Trudy Cutts
love celeb perfume my fave is lovely by sarah jessica parker x

Trudy Cutts
but my fave is princess by vera wang x

Trudy Cutts
also love angel by thierry mugler x

Shirley Kerr
I can't smell so its all wasted on me oh can't taste as well so celebs foods r out too xx

Norma Evans
I don't think you can beat all the old fragrances like chanel 5 and the Dior perfumes ... the new celebrity perfumes leave me cold ...

Lisa Malone
I really JLo's Glow but I Love All of Kylie's perfumes.

Louise Craddock
i love sarah jessiea parker - called lovely but the thing is there so expensive just cause of the name

Nicole Price
love celebrity perfumes....especially britney spears "Curious" and "fantasy" x

Claire Slater Spires
I don't think I would buy a celeb perfume cause I would like to smell like a smelly boxer or dancer well u get the picture hehe