This Body Positivity Campaign Proves Beauty Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

i'm all woman project

The All Woman Project was set up to encourage diversity within the modelling industry and their latest photos couldn't be more diverse.

The All Woman Project came together when French blogger, Clementine Deseaux, 28 and British model, Charli Howard decided to speak out about the ridiculous standards for body image in the fashion industry.

They have recruited women of all shapes and sizes to spread the word in order to increase diverse representation in the fashion world!

all woman project

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Their recruits include the likes of curvy models Iskra Lawrence and Barbie Ferreira.


The campaign was shot and planned by an all female team and even all the clothing worn by the models was designed by women.

The project has begun in the States but hopes to extend globally and inspire women all across the world to embrace their own standards of beauty.

They hope to include businessmen, athletes and other inspirational women in future shoots.