Can You Complete This Retro Puzzle In The Minimum Number Of Years?

Brain Teaser Coin Quiz

By Holly Fishwick

The latest puzzle taking the internet by storm is nothing's actually a retro game from the '20s. But can you solve it?

You may consider your self a bit of a pro when it comes to modern day optical illusions challenging and confounding the nation, but this puzzle is rather different!

Originally created all the way back in the 1920s, by a guy called Henry Ernest Dudeney, your great grandmother might have had more of a shot at this crafty conundrum than you! 

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The game requires you to to change the 'H' shape into 'O' shape and back again using consign the minimum number of moves.

Sound easy? Well be our guest...

The tricky game is called 'The Water Puzzle' and despite being first created a century ago, it's still leaving many of us completely confused!

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Before you get too cocky - there are some rules!  

You need to convert the 'H' into an 'O' in just four moves. 

A move consists of moving a coin into a position where it still touches two other coins. 

BUT that's not all. You then have to get back to the 'H' shape again in six moves. 






Check out the answers: 

 ...And back again!