These Brand New Emoji's Are So Amazing And LONG Overdue!

Face palm emoji

This latest feature of the iPhone update has revolutionised the emoji keyboard and we can't believe it wasn't introduced sooner!

Have you ever gone to send a message but you can't quite find the right emoji to express your emotions?

Well look no further, because iPhones are set to release a brand new wave of emoji's including the face palm and a mini David Bowie! 

Not only that but you can also cross your fingers and shrug your shoulder's with Apple's human animations. 

Users will also get several new emoji of different professions, including firefighters and astronauts.

David Bowie fans are also in for a treat as there’s one that looks just like the cover of Alladin Sane.

It now enables fancy effects such as confetti, fireworks, invisible ink and even lasers to help send your sentiments. But of our FAVE new features of the update are perhaps the more subtle ones.

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Emoji's are a crucial part of our daily lives - how on earth could we cope without the 'laughing crying face' or the 'love heart eyes' emoji's to add more meaning to our messages.

But the most recent additions to the emoji keyboard are the best yet!

Mono-parental family emoji's....

Mono-parental family emojis

That's right - there are now emoji's showing single mums and dads!

Previously, Apple's emoji keyboard has only represented families with a mum and dad, but now includes single parents as well as same sex parent families.

The Twitter-verse is LOVING them!

Other emoji updates include more gender diverse sport emojis which show women now surfing, swimming, weight lifting and cycling amongst others. 

Gender diverse sport emoji's

What's your favourite emoji?