This Is Why Your Full-English Breakfast Is In Danger

Heart shaped egg

If you're a strict advocate of free range eggs then your weekend fry-up might have to go on hold as millions of eggs temporarily lose their free range status.

Stickers are being placed on free range egg boxes to state that the  eggs are "laid by hens temporarily housed in barns for their welfare".

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Since December eggs have lost their free-range status after farmers were forced to keep hens inside as part of emergency bird flu measures and to stop the spread of the disease. 

Free range egg sticker

All poultry has had to be kept indoors under government orders to prevent the spread of the disease.

According to European Union rules, if birds have been housed for more than 12 weeks they can't be sold as free range.

Defra have said around 75 per cent of poultry keepers will be unaffected, but where birds are housed, their eggs will will no longer be classed as free range.

Farmers have said the eggs from hens kept in barns would still look, taste and cost the same, despite the temporary re-labelling, however, for those of us who prefer our eggs to come from birds who've been able to roam freely outside, the egg on toast or traditional fry-up is firmly on hold.