Extravagant Bride Asks Her Guests To Fund Her Wedding And They're Fuming!

13 April 2017, 16:35

Angry wedding guest

We all know weddings are pricey, but surely charging the guests takes the biscuit!

Money can be a big point of contention when it comes to weddings!

Does the couple pay? Does the family of the bride pay? There are no set rules these days, but one thing is for sure and that is that you don't charge the guests!

So when one wedding guest shared her wedding horror story on Mumsnet, people were pretty mortified.

She wrote: "So one of my closest friends got married a couple of months ago. She said they didn't have a massive budget which I have no problem with, of course! They decided to hire a big house and not get any catering or bar staff."

As a result guests were ask to bring their own food and drink, but the wedding was actually a THREE DAY EVENT. Is that a thing now?

She continued: "there was a different themed party on each day (with different themed outfits to have to buy for both me and my DH. Some of which we cobbled together but we did end up spending about £40 on the various bits we needed). The venue was 6 hours drive, so cost quite a lot in petrol there and back. And we were asked to bring our own drink. So for 3 days we spent about another £50 on wine."

Wow, this wedding seems to be really stacking up!

"Then, and this is the bit which made me rather cross, there was a room set aside at the house for me and my DH. At a cost of £150 per night! So £450 for the 3 days! As this wasn't a hotel there was no breakfast included, rather we were required to bring what food we wanted to eat as well! Oh and then we were asked to buy something from their wedding list which was circulated beforehand. I'm usually quite generous but we opted for a cheaper item as it was costing us so much to attend. Basically, the cost of going to this wedding was over £700!"

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But as if things couldn't get any worse, she found out something pretty terrible after the wedding was over....

"I've just found out that hiring the venue cost her and her fiancé nothing! Because, she told another friend of ours, that they recouped the full cost of hiring the house through the money they collected from friends and family for the rooms!!!!"


That's enough to test any friendship! 

Fellow Mumsnetters gave her mixed feedback with some agreeing but concluding that "what's done is done" and others saying "that is really bad, she needed to cut her cloth according to her income.."

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