Girl Follows Boyfriend's Clues Across Three Countries To Find THIS!

Bride-To-Be Followed Clues Across Three Countries

Mike certainly wins the prize for possibly THE most romantic proposal ever! He only went and got his family involved, along with an airline cabin crew and even an Italian driver in on the act.

When we picture our perfect proposal, we often think of flowers, a romantic meal and an intimate proposal. We've always thought we wanted a small affair. 

However, the bar has been raised by Mike Arndt, 25, from Worsley, Manchester, who proposed to his girlfriend in what is possibly the most romantic way EVER. 

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Manchester Airport
One of the clues sent Dajana to Manchester airport. Picture | iStock

Mike left romantic clues across three countries for his girlfriend, Dajana Sadowska, 24, to follow all the way to a medieval castle in Rome. 

It all started when Dajana was on the bus on her way to work when a stranger in a suit jumped on board and announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please! I have a message of great importance to deliver and I am in search of Dajana Sadowska."

That's when her 12-hour journey began. 

She was told that Mike was waiting somewhere for her and that she had to follow the clues to find him. 

Little did she know that Mike's brother Marcin was hiding a few seats behind her on the bus, filming the whole thing! She was given her first clue: 'go to the place we first met.' 

Dajana headed over to Y-Club where she met her boyfriend four years ago playing volleyball. His sister Magda was waiting for her with her second clue: 'go to the place we agreed to be together.'

Off on her wild goose chase, she then went to the place of significance to find his dad waiting for her with another clue. It read: 'go to the place where we usually met before moving in together.' 

Mike Arndt and Dajane Sadowska
Mike and Dajana in Rome. Picture | MEN

When she got to the house, she was presented with photos of her and Mike and she was told to put them in chronological order. Each photo had a letter on the back which spelled out the next place she had to go - Manchester Airport. 

To her surprise, Mike had already arrange the day off from work with her boss and had her luggage sent over to the airport. She was handed a ticket to Frankfurt. 

As the plane touched down in Germany, a member of the cabin crew handed her other boarding pass - this time, to Rome. 

Dajana told Manchester Evening News that at this point she couldn’t stop herself from crying, but still managed to find her chauffeur who was holding a sign with her name on it.

After what felt like hours, the Italian driver finally pulled up outside a beautiful medieval castle and she was given keys to the tower.

She said: “I climbed the stairs onto the roof and he was there, I hugged him and then he got down on one knee!

“We had the most amazing weekend in Rome and can’t wait to get married!

“We are both from Poland so we are planning on getting married over there in June 2018.

“No one can say that fairy tales don’t happen or are only in films!”

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