There's Going To Be An Invasion Of 200 BILLION Daddy Longlegs In Britain!

crane fly

Whilst we've been soaking up the sun and enjoying the warmer temperatures, so have the creepy crawlies.

Britain is set to be plagued by around 200 billion daddy longlegs thanks to the warm, wet weather. 

Although they are completely harmless, daddy longlegs, which are also known as crane flies, they're not often a welcome sight in the house and according to scientists, we're about to see a whole lot more of them this Autumn. 

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Crane flies
Picture | iStock

The majority of crane flies hatching out in the UK are Tipula paludosa, which can grow up to an inch in size.

However, the warm and wet weather we've experienced this summer has attracted a non-native species, the Tipula maxima. Their leg span of up to up to FOUR inches! Although they're normally found in Dover, Kent, they warm weather means that they are more inclined to travel north and colonise there... so watch out!

It's not all bad though as they will provide a great source of food for wildlife, such as birds and spiders, just before the winter comes, insect charity Buglife said.

They do often prove to be a pest for gardeners as they damage lawns, particularly in spring, and can lead to other wildlife such as birds, badgers and foxes digging into the turf in search of a meal.

Remember though, they are completely harmless!