Are You Guilty Of Skiving At Work? Apparently We're Getting LAZIER

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It's a hard days graft working 9-5...but how many hours are you woking REALLY?

It's fair to say that the hours can really drag by when you're hard at work, or so you would think!

Experts believe we're getting lazier as a rising number of cheeky British employees skive off work for a whopping THREE HOURS a day.

A new study has revealed that the UK workforce actually spend half the day not doing anything at all, and this procrastination can tot up to a whopping 84 days of the year.


It seems the epidemic is at it's worst too, with as many as 87% of us admitting that we struggle to concentrate on the job in hand.

The odd chat with friends, sneakily checking how many likes we've had on our Facebook posts, reading the news and general life admin have been revealed as the most common ways to waste time at the desk.

So what is the reason behind this plummet in work productivity?

Unsurprisingly, a lot are bored with 37% of people agreeing that they are uninspired by their job, while 18% said they had too many family commitments. 

Of course the overwhelming majority of us are simply BURNT OUT. 

Out of the 1,500 Brits who took part in the poll, 58% blamed tiredness for their lack of productivity and ability to focus at work while 15 percent complained they are given no direction whatsoever by their managers.

It's not all bad news though as the research did find there a TWO times of the day when workers are most active.

The first burst of activity starts, on average, at 10:05am and lasts for 84 minutes until approximately 11:29am.

Workers are also likely to get stuck in to their tasks again at 2:07pm and carry on being productive for 101 minutes until 3:48pm, according to the data.

So how can we begin to make the most out of our day without feeling burned out? Well, A spokesperson for Rescue Plus Effervescent, who commissioned the report thinks she has the answer. 

She said: "To help improve productivity, set up a relaxing evening routine and try to aim for 8 hours sleep, eat nutritious and balanced meals and get some fresh air to help maintain normal energy levels."

We'll give it a go!