Can You Pass The IQ Test That’s Gone Viral On Facebook?

Facebook IQ quiz crop

A seemingly simple number quiz is doing the rounds on Facebook - and it's stumping thousands.

The latest picture to go viral on Facebook isn't of a celebrity mishap or even a Minions meme - it's a number puzzle.

It was first posted over a year ago, but in recent weeks it’s caught a fire and been shared over 3 million times, with users being asked to pass it on if they can figure it out.

Like most intelligence tests it’s less about being a maths whizz and more about figuring out the pattern, which as always is a lot simpler than it first seems.

Thousands have posted the answer in the comment section for the post, but that means anyone can have a quick peak and claim that, yes, they too are a genius who figured it out all by themselves.

However, one puzzle expert, Presh Talwalkar, has come up with another part for the test in order to separate those who really get what’s going on, from those who just read the comments and share. His final question:

If 6 + 4 = 210
Then ? + ? = 123

Still stumped? Well Presh’s short video might shine a light on it for you:

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